Our Company

CDS is a company with over 40 years of experience in the automotive and electrical wiring sector

Who are we?

CDS is a company that has been producing wiring harnesses for major automotive and household appliance brands since 1981.

Constantly growing, both in terms of production space and investments, it is able to best respond to the different market requirements.
It is a certified company that, during all its production processes, follows precise quality standards in full compliance with sector regulations, as well as maintaining its values of integrity, transparency, personal responsibility and consistency aimed at continuous improvement.

On the strength of the experience gained over the years and its own in-house design, it is able to provide constant support to the customer during product development, including through an improvement analysis, while also guaranteeing responsiveness, versatility and assistance with project modifications.

Working in over 10 countries
+36 customers

+15 Mln wirings / year
over 40 years of experience